Have you ever felt like you’ve woken up from a fog, feeling like, “this isn’t me,”?  Dissolution in alchemy is the second phase in the 7 Operations of Alchemy, and your second step to transforming yourself. Learn to wash away your false beliefs so you can step into who you want to become. Stick to the end for a tear-jerking meditation.

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Dissolution in Alchemy: Discover Your Authenticity

If you’ve ever been in a situation where you realize you haven’t been living for yourself, then this post is for you.

You were taught to always try to fit in to certain groups, right?

Hang out with the popular kids.

Read up on successful people and how they got there.

Listen to stories and news forewarning a negative outcome, if you don’t watch your step.

Over and over you’re asked to watch how others live, and either mimic their behavior so you can achieve similar results, or avoid it completely so you don’t make the same costly mistakes.

On and on you’re asked to do, think, and act like someone else to become “the best version of yourself.”

Let me be perfectly clear: it’s great to have role models and aspire to be like them. It’s fine to mimic some of their behaviors so you may learn healthier patterns.

But a growing trend that I can see—particularly on social media—is this phenomenon of trying to become a clone.

And when the clone can’t achieve the exact status of their idol, they become depressed, lose sight of themselves, lose touch with their own desires, and completely detach from their own authenticity.

There’s a growing danger of people not honoring their authentic selves, and disconnecting from their heart’s true desires.

You should feel comfortable knowing that you, out of BILLIONS of people, are completely unique. There was never been, nor will there ever be, someone who has your exact gene sequence, or life experiences, or dreams, or fears.

You were created to be YOU!

Some people take the mimicking advice way too far and end up shutting out their own passions.

I’m sure you know by now that when you’re not in alignment with your soul mission, or with what you truly want for yourself, things in your life can go awry.

By facing the false beliefs that you’ve picked up for yourself, you can finally set yourself free.

In a previous post, I talk about the first of the 7 Operations of Alchemy, calcification.

After calcification you are left with the remains of your ego. The false beliefs you picked up, the attitudes you learned, the lies you used to tell yourself, are nothing but ashes sitting at your feet.

You’ve freed yourself.

The next step is to pick up the ashy remains and put them into water for purification. This process is called dissolution.

What is Dissolution?

Dissolution, in a psychological and spiritual sense, is a way for you to connect with your original emotions before your ego stepped in and taught you to reject certain feelings.

Have you ever been so angry, so heartbroken, so defeated that all you wanted to do was sit and cry? But, you held it in because it isn’t socially acceptable and may appear weak?

Emotional intelligence teaches you how to be aware of, and control, your emotions so you can continue on with your interpersonal relationships calmly and judiciously (which is useful, particularly in a workplace).

But most people get this wrong, and either shut themselves off to their emotions, or let their emotions fester and grow into something truly monstrous.

Denying your emotions is the worst thing you can do for your health — and your soul.

Your emotions are essential to your soul’s wellbeing. Cutting yourself off from your emotions is  denying yourself the wisdom your soul has to share. It’s like you are training yourself to continue on as a lost soul, impersonating someone else who always lives on greener pastures.

The dissolution process helps you to purify your true emotions and get back in touch with who you are.

When you give yourself permission to feel what you feel without judgement, you can slowly start breaking down walls that have held you back in your life for so long.

You’re an authentic, beautiful human being who is deserving of a fulfilled life. Learn to dust off the BS that you’ve learned so you can get to know your deepest desires again.


First, A Self-Love Story

Growing up, you learn to keep certain things to yourself — or face consequences.

How you’re feeling.

Things you enjoy.

Things that have made you sad.

It seems silly to hide such raw authenticity from people you share a physical plane with, but that’s the reality. Because the second you share your truth with another person, you open yourself up for scrutiny, bullying, and shaming.

To avoid such a blow to your psyche, your ego learns to protect you from these kinds of harm. The authentic parts of you that bring you joy are tucked away, deep in your unconscious, only to be visited again in your dreams.

…and it hurts. I know from experience.

I’ve always been a little awkward, even though I’m naturally outgoing.

I want to experience the world.

I want to know everyone and what they live for.

I want to know what they love.

I want to experience what they experience right along with them!

But, I’ve learned that other people don’t always share in my wanderlust for life. My outlook has offended people. My behavior has been “too much.” My interests are “not normal.”

I want to connect with so many people on such a deep level, and I never realized that other people are too afraid to touch that part of themselves.

Events in my past have caused me to scale back on my true self, and try to act just like everyone else.

The Universe works in mysterious ways, friends, to teach you what you’re truly made of.

Allowing myself to just “go with the group” and always being passive put me in dangerous situations with not-so-nice people. My desire to fit in caused me to allow people to use me and abuse me in so many ways, for DECADES.

Hiding how I really felt for so long eventually seeped out of me in awful ways. I let people use me. I didn’t know how to stick up for myself. I had no idea who I was or what I was doing on this earth.

Missing the boat on who you are at your core your entire life makes you feel like you can never get that time back. Like you messed up at life.

I had to make a change.

With the help of a very powerful healer, I started peeling away the false beliefs I had learned about myself over a lifetime, and dusting off the bits of me that hadn’t been seen in a while.

Dissolution in Alchemy: How to Purify Your Ashes

It doesn’t matter what your background is, or how unforgivable you think you are. By starting where you’re at right now, you can begin to heal in meaningful ways! As a divine being, you have a built-in purifying system that allows you to return to homeostasis at any time.

Know what your super-power built-in purification is yet? I’ll give you some hints:

  • It’s free
  • You can do it anywhere
  • You feel amazing after doing it
  • It’s a natural stress reliever
  • You will need to wash your face afterwards

That’s right — the greatest method for releasing your crystallized emotion is crying.

In alchemy, the process is called cibation. This is a process of inner cleansing by the salt of your tears.

I don’t mean the cute little sob that just makes your eyes a little glossy. I don’t even mean the kind of sniffly cry that is easy to hold back and can be mistaken for a sneeze.

The cibation that you seek in dissolution is:

  • Real crying.
  • Ugly crying.
  • Sobbing into a pillow.
  • Feeling everything, being in every emotion, allowing tears to stream down your face and make your vision blurry.

The kind of crying that comes from deep within you so you can just let go.

This release of everything you’ve held onto internally. Every negative thought, false belief, bad day that took you further and further away from yourself can now be washed away.

As you wash away the ashes, you are weathering the crap sediment that has built up to reveal what truly lies on your heart.

You may not be a crier, and that’s okay. There are other ways you can purify your ashes so you can move on to the next operation. You could try:

  • Writing in a journal.
  • Dancing it out.
  • Creating music.
  • Doing a lunar ritual.

Whatever feels natural for you. The point is to sit with these ashes, acknowledge their time is now over, and to let them dissolve in whatever cleanse you present.

Once the ashes are dissolved, you give yourself room to feel things that have been buried.

Dissolution Meditation

If you’re ready to cleanse yourself of the burnt things from your ego, then practice this dissolution meditation. (Make sure to have your journal and pen ready).

  1. Choose your cleanser. This should be something emotional; something you can get lost in for a little while.
  2. Pick a safe space.  Allow yourself at least 1 hour of alone time. (If you can, find a stream to sit by).
  3. Clear yourself of distractions. Turn off all electronics.

In your safe space, write down all the things you burned down during the calcification process. Every emotion, judgement, denial, or fear you’re ready to move on from. It’s time with you is up.

Whatever your choice of cleanser, it’s time to purify the ashes.

Just let go.

Let it all out.

Take as long as you need, or as long as time will allow.

Remember the things you want to move on from.

Remember who you wanted to become.

Remember where you want to go.

It all starts here. It all starts with forgiving yourself.

It all starts by loving yourself — past and all. By acknowledging these hard truths, you will finally be able to grow.

Imagine the process of weathering. The steady stream constantly flows, carrying with it purifying powers. It washes over the stones again and again and again. Some stones loosen and travel with the current. Some stones release sediment that no longer needs to cling.

The water is pure, and clean, and cool.

Meditate on the flowing water that’s weathering the sediment from your calcification. Stay here for as long as you need.

Once you’re done, write down your experience in your journal. Give yourself some extra care tonight. Wrap yourself up in a favorite sweater. Drink a favorite tea. Feel the cleansing work that you just did, because it was a lot.

Above all, be proud of yourself for taking this very important step in your development. This thing called life — you’ve got this!



Lady Alchemy