Part of your transmutation lies with your ability to trust your own judgment; even if it goes against what other people want for you. In this article, we’ll explore your inner voice and relearn to trust your intuition. Stick to the end of this post for a cleansing meditation to help you gain the clarity you desire to live your life on purpose.


Have you ever gone along with something and just felt wrong about it?

Perhaps you have a coworker, with a wolf-like smile and sliver tongue, who you don’t feel like you can completely trust, but don’t know why.

Maybe you have a friend who likes to invite you to dinner, but often forgets his wallet.

By chance, you’ve simply woken up one day and felt like something was just wrong.

You didn’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed. There is nothing in the air. YOU ARE NOT CRAZY.

That uneasy feeling, this organic moment of inexplicable clarity, is your intuition. And it’s trying to get your attention.

When you ignore your intuition, the universe has its way of smacking you around until you DO listen.

Do you go through your days speaking honestly about how you feel?

Do you cater to the whims of your spouse, your children, your coworkers, without thinking about yourself?

When was the last time you allowed yourself at least 4 hours in a day to enjoy a drawing, or singing, or working on a project you feel called to bring to life?

How often do you talk yourself out of doing something just for you?

I’ve always been a bit of a people-pleaser. I want everyone around me to be happy, and living their best lives — and I will intervene in ANY WAY I CAN to make it happen for them.

I had this boyfriend for three years — from the end of high school to the beginning of college — who I was in love with, who didn’t respect me. Every day we were together, my intuition told me it wasn’t a fit for me, but I ignored it.

“He wants me with him every day because he loves me and we’re going to be together forever.”

“He just needs money because he’s having a hard time getting a job because of his criminal record.”

“It’s okay he wants to go see his friends—who doesn’t want to have space?”

“It’s okay he doesn’t let me see my friends all the time—we’re together and that’s all that matters.”

“He doesn’t think my ideas/plans/dreams are any good. Perhaps they’re not. He’s just looking out for me.”

When you ignore your intuition, the universe has its way of smacking you around until you finally DO listen.

As our time together progressed, my partner’s behavior toward me got worse. He became more possessive, drank more, spent more and more of my money, and was verbally abusive.

I needed an out.

The day my life began to change, I was just driving around town. I remember feeling miserable and depleted. I was also out of work, living with my grandmother, and not feeling confident that I’d be accepted to a university because I’d taken such a long hiatus from school. I knew my relationship was dragging me down and, somehow, was the cause of all this other turmoil in my life.

I turned off the radio and put my intentions out there. I said out loud, “I need a reason to end this relationship. I need to find myself again. I’m ready to live my truth.”

Not 10 minutes later, I get a call from my partner. He is accusing me of cheating on him.

I hung up on him, and thanked the universe.


Human beings have an innate need to have deep connections with each other and with the universe. Call this God, or source energy, or Gaia. But when you do not feel connected spiritually, your intuition can’t get through to you.

It’s more like a static radio station. When you hear the annoying chatter of static you instinctively change the channel to something else or turn it off completely, because, rationally, who wants to listen to nonsense?

You are gifted with intuition to help guide you on your life path. The art you’re excited to create, the kinds of people you’re drawn to, the environment in which you live in right now, it all plays a part in who you are to become.

Going through life, when you get an inkling about something — whether it’s to jump at it or to stay away — you are being guided toward your best self.


How your ego influences your decisions.

The world is noisy and judgmental. Your ego wants to protect you from harm.

You’ve probably been taught to make every decision about your life rationally. From a young age, you’ve been taught to do your best to fit in with the crowd—no matter the cost.

It’s not a bad thing to want to make safe decisions, but when you continue to make the safest decision possible, the one with the least disrupt to your life, you risk becoming stagnant in your life—never moving, never progressing, never growing.

Analyzing your options has its place, but so does feeling your options.

I want you to think back to the biggest decision you’ve made, that you’ve regretted.

Where were you in this time? What was going on? Why do you regret the decision you made?

When you regret a decision, it’s either because the decision itself caused you suffering, or because you suffer from missing an opportunity in life.

(If your reason for regret is the latter, I want you to know that the opportunity will come back to you, manifested in another lesson.)

I believe that when you base every decision off of reason, you silence a big part of yourself that makes you human: your dreams.

Your ego helps you to stay grounded in the 3D world. This is, after all, is. where you live. It wants to help you take steps toward creating a safe, secure life for yourself.

Your ego can help you find practical ways to ensure you have a roof over your head and food in your belly. It wants you to find true love and real friends who share in your interests.

In all of its practicality, your ego will be the mother hen in your head, clucking away advice. “Is this your best option? Why don’t do you do a bit more research. Perhaps you should sleep on it.”

It’s out of love for you. Where your ego wants you to live comfortably, your intuition wants you to THRIVE.

The next time you hear your ego telling you to go down the beaten path, stop for a moment and check in with your intuition, and ask for your deepest desires to be revealed.



What does your inner voice say to you? (What happens when you internalize what others think you should do.)

Your inner voice can take on a life of its own, if you’re not careful.

I’m guilty of negative self-talk. I think you may be, too.

With every decision you make, and every response you receive from your collective group, you learn what is acceptable to say and do and be, and what isn’t. Eventually, you let a bit more of yourself fall away, so you can mold yourself more into becoming who others think you should be.

Now when you try to think about your best life, your inner voice chimes in with what it thinks the collective would say to you:

  • “That’s not realistic.”
  • “There’s no way you can change THAT much.”
  • “It just doesn’t seem like you.”
  • “I don’t know why anybody with enjoy THAT.”
  • “THAT seems silly. Try something more practical.”
  • “You need to get out more.”

By always accepting what others suggest, you’ve inadvertently trained your own inner voice to always reflect what others would say to you. This creates a vicious cycle of negative self-talk, and moves you further away from trusting your own judgment.

When was the last time you dreamed of your deepest desires?

Can you connect with it?

Can you imagine yourself as this person?

Is it difficult to see yourself as any more than you are right now?

It took me 30 years to realize what I had let others dictate for my life. Now that I am going through this process of transmutation, I want to help you come along, too.

You can change your inner voice to be more positive and encouraging. You can train your inner voice to speak to you about what your life purpose is, again.

You were born with this power, but it’s been silenced. You can l learn to hear your own voice, dreams, and intuition again.

It is NEVER too late to start again.



Meditation to improve self-talk, strengthen your inner voice, and hear your intuition

This is a meditation I want you to do every morning, at the same time. Give yourself at least 15 minutes you won’t be interrupted. It must be in the same space every day, at the same time for 30 days. (You can do it!)

Step 1.

Create a sacred space. This could be the corner of a room, a favorite chair looking out a window, your front porch, etc. Where ever you feel the most peaceful at home is where you need to be. If you feel like it, you can decorate it with a few of your favorite crystals, candles, incense, but this is not required. (I prefer being in my backyard and sitting against a favorite tree.)

Step 2.

Bring a journal and pen. You will be writing a lot!

Step 3.

Bring a favorite drink that is not caffeinated. The point is to relax your mind and body, so you can connect source. Tea or water are good options.

Step 4.

Breathe, clear yourself, and set your intentions. Take 10 cleansing breaths. Each time you breathe in, think about breathing in a white or golden light. Imagine that this light is filling you up, awakening your atoms, brightening your DNA, and making you glow from the inside out. Every time you breathe out, release what is no longer serving you. (Feel free to stay in this breath for as long as you want—it doesn’t HAVE to be 10.)

Step 5.

Say your intention out loud. You are bringing your intentions from your subconscious to your conscious. Say something like, “I’m ready to understand my deepest desires.” “I am open to my intuition and my life purpose.” “I’m ready to use my own voice, and follow my true calling.”

Write the intention you just spoke on the first line of your journal, and date it.

Step 6.

Sit in silence for 10 minutes. Allow your body and mind to quiet down. Let your sacred space engulf you in white light. Let the source energy flow through you and around you. Know you are here for a purpose, and your intuition is there to guide you on your unique path. Allow your mind to wander for a few minutes.

Step 7.

Write for 5 minutes, nonstop. Whatever came to you during your meditation, write about it. Whatever comes to mind as you are writing, write about it. If you are running out of ideas but know you must keep pushing your pen forward, write about it. Whatever you do, do NOT stop writing!

Step 8.

Refresh yourself. You just did a lot of deep meditation, and may be surprised by somethings that came to you. Drink your tea or water and thank your intuition for coming through.


I hope you found value in this article. If so, please comment!

Blessings, magical one!

Lady Alchemy