Hey there, you beautiful, eternal being! You’ve been divinely guided here so you can be reminded of your natural potential. It’s inside of you—right now—burrowed deep within your psyche, waiting for you to unleash it! I want to show you how to figure out what to do with your life, at any age, in under 10 minutes!

Helping you live a life you’re proud of is my mission. I believe everyone has true talents and gifts that need to be shared with the world—but you may have forgotten or are too afraid to pursue it. In this article, I cover important steps to rediscovering your true passions so you can start living your life on purpose.


Why do I care about your life purpose? Let me tell you a story.

When I was young, I used to want to be a magician. I would take broken twigs and wave them about, manifesting gold from the pebbles I’d find at the riverbank, or cursing grasshoppers who dared come too close to me.

But, I soon found out that a quick way to get odd looks around town is by telling people you want to grow up to be a magician. I learned early on that I better choose a more acceptable career field.

My next choice was to become a carpenter, like my dad. He would spend his days building beautiful homes in the posh-mountain towns and be home in time for supper, smelling like sawdust and pines. I thought that would give me my nature fix. But again, I received glares from family, teachers and classmates who, yet again, wore looks of befuddlement.

I was a girl in the 4th grade who was incapable of choosing an appropriate career path for the rest of my life.

Truthfully, I’m still trying to figure it out.

I grew up thinking I wanted to chase after a dream, like becoming a counselor, or a journalist, or perhaps a travelling gypsy who belly dances, tells fortunes and collects stories. Every time I shared my dream with someone, it was shot down. I would get unsolicited advice like:

“That’s too much schooling.”

“That career field is too unstable.”

“People will hate you for it.”

Every time I received negative comments like this, it dimmed my light, and made me question my desires. Is this really what I want? Maybe they are right. Perhaps my dreams are a bit lofty for my means.  I should just do something normal. Not everyone is meant to live a magical life.

From this young age on through my 30th birthday, I started checking off boxes to a list of things I thought I should do as a respectable American adult:

✔️Go to college

✔️Get a job at a big company

✔️Get married and have babies

o Stay in job at big company until kids are in college and retirement kicks in

o Die

…Is this sounding familiar to you, yet?



As I continued down my list of respectable American adult tasks, I noticed a change in my health.

I couldn’t sleep.

I was gaining weight like crazy.

I wanted to punch too many people in the face on the daily (but I never did, so go me).

My work suffered.

My relationships suffered.

I was severely depressed.

Why was I feeling this, you may ask? I didn’t know for the longest time. Truthfully, it took me YEARS to realize what the root cause of all of my suffering was.

I had a job that paid decent, but was stressful.

I had a home, but my husband was away at work a lot.

I made zero time for my friends because I was too busy drowning in every other area of my life.

After counseling and some deep, inward searching, what I learned was this:

I was not living my true purpose.

I’m not one to give a crap about organizing content within an electronic medical record for physicians. That, for some reason, had been my job for 4 years. (I had applied for a marketing position.)

I learned skills that upper management wanted me to learn. I did not, however, learn skills through my job that I was remotely interested in. I was simply placed in a cube and told to do a thing in order to save my job from the next round of layoffs (which in corporate world, happens quite often).

One day I realized, “I’m not happy here. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

I need to be outside, enjoying the sunshine and stars from the same sky. I need to write, and dance, and talk with artists and musicians who fill up this world with so much beauty.

We need more good art in the world.

Through counseling, spiritual journeys, and learning to reconnect with my guides, I was able to clear away the disillusionment of unworthiness society (and ego) had fed me for so long, and I learned to listen to my inner voice again.

This transcendental moment 6 months ago has set me on a path of rediscovery like I never knew before.

Now, instead of waking up and dreading yet another hopeless day, I am grateful. Now, every day I live is an adventure.

This is what I want for you.


Too many people give up on themselves too soon. But, it’s NEVER too late to start again!

I’m afraid that the status quo forces too many people to conform; becoming a shadow of who they COULD become. When you suppress your natural talents, you suppress a major part of who you really are.

I believe that no one is capable of true happiness unless they are being true to themselves.

My hope is that by encouraging you, dear reader, to search inside of yourself for your life mission, your soul’s purpose for being on this earth, that you will uncover your greatest destiny.

There are people out there who are in need of your light. You just have to find it within yourself, and shine like a beacon of divine light.

This recommendation I’m about to give you is what I did to uncover my life’s purpose.

But, you’ve GOT to commit to doing the work.

Cool? Cool.



Discover Your Life Purpose in Just 10 Minutes A Day

Without further ado! Here is a 21-day plan to kickstart your journey to rediscovering who you are, what your true talents are, and who you are to become.

Days 1-7: Detox + Meditation

  • Stop drinking alcohol and caffeine (if you must, limit yourself to ONE caffeinated drink per day).
  • Stop eating crappy “c-word” foods (ex. Crackers, chips, cookies, cakes, candy).
  • Eat more high-vibe foods (lots of organic fruits and vegetables).
  • Every morning, sit in silence for 10 minutes. No phone. No computer. No distractions. Let your mind clear. Have a journal and pen ready, just in case.
  • At the end of your 10 minutes, write down anything that came to you. (What did you think about? Where did your mind wander to?)

Days 8-15: Forgiveness

This week can be hard, but you are stronger and more resilient than you know—and I’m going to prove it to you! 

Continue the Detox + Meditation this week. Every morning before you meditate, do the following:

Write down a question in your journal before you meditate. Something that you can focus on. Try something like these:

  • What am I having a hard time letting go of?
  • What is holding me back from living my best life?
  • Who do I not have good vibes with?
  • What do I need to release so I can raise my vibration?

…ask one question, or as many questions as you need.

Whatever comes, let it flow. If it makes you sad, or angry, sit in it for a moment. Face this emotion; face this fear. Confronting these shadows will ultimately help you to release them forever.

Write down your experience. The emotion, what came up for you, what you are learning.

Afterwards, if you need, take an herbal bath or have some healing tea. Give yourself some grace. Allow this healing to happen.

Days 16-21: Manifest

You did a lot of deep, healing work last week—good for you! Now is the time to manifest your truest desires!

Continue the Detox + Meditation this week. Every morning before you meditate, do the following:

Write down a question in your journal before you meditate. Something that you can focus on. Try something like these:

  • In my happiest of days, what am I doing? What am I wearing? Who am I with?
  • What gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment?
  • If I were to die today, what would be my greatest regret?
  • What steps do I need to take, right now, to start changing my life?

…ask one question, or as many questions as you need.


You can do it!

Finishing this 21-day kickstart will help you gain some important insights about who you are, so you can make headway toward reaching the life you want. If you haven’t reached an “aha moment” by the end of the 21 days, I encourage you to keep at this practice.

Explore your dreams. Allow yourself to tap into your deepest desires. You’ve got this!

The road is long and windy, but it’s worth it.

You can make anything happen in this world. Give yourself space to grow and explore. Believe in the magic you have within.

You are powerful. You are incredible. You are meant for great things!


Lady Alchemy