Pregnancy is meant to be a time for you to learn about yourself so you can grow into the mom you’re becoming — but most women don’t get a chance to slow down and just BE. Reclaim your pregnancy experience with an online yoga course that teaches you a holistic approach to birth preparation.

Your Pregnancy Experience Is Supposed to be Magical, Right? (So why is this so fucking terrifying?)

When you become pregnant (particularly for the first time!) your universe cracks wide open, and your inner mom begins to awaken.

You’re creating a life inside of you.

You’ll love this person until the day you die.

You will always have each other, no matter what.

You will be their mom, forever.

It’s a lot to process in the short 9 months of pregnancy. While your body is going through changes, there’s probably a lot of things coming up for you.

Things from your past, particularly with your own family.

Things you thought you put to bed.

Old resentments.

Deep-rooted fears.

Things that stem from generations of attitudes and behaviors.

It’s important — for both you and your baby — to address all of these things that come up for you. This is a time for you to get empowered, to get to know your inner mom voice, and to FINALLY heal all of those things you thought were put to bed long ago.

But with the constant “chatter” going on around you and all of the unsolicited advice that’s coming your way, it can be hard to hear your own body and spirit to find out what YOU need.

Don’t let anyone hijack your pregnancy and birth experience.  This is YOUR TIME.

It’s time to reclaim the pregnancy experience by acknowledging it for what it is: a spiritual time for you and your growing baby.

Start Manifesting the Home Life You Want for You and Your Baby NOW

Going through your trimesters, your body is obviously going to change – and there will be days that are more uncomfortable than others!

But you still have your life to live.

You may have responsibilities at a job.

You may have responsibilities with your relationships.

You may have responsibilities with your other children.

The world is chaotic around you right now, and it’s just going to get crazier.

That’s why it’s SO important for you to start manifesting the home life you want NOW.

When I was pregnant with my first, there was a lot of history that came up for me; particularly with my parents.

I didn’t have the greatest upbringing, but I worked really hard to be where I’m at. When I found out my husband and I were expecting, I was overwhelmed with guilt, sadness, resentment, and an impending doom feeling that I was just going to fail.

When you’re about to become someone’s mom, you know that this baby is going to look to you for unconditional love, protection, and a bond that will help wade through the trials they will inevitably face as they grow up.

You will be your baby’s everything.

Even though I was SO excited to have a son, a little buddy for the rest of my life,  I knew I didn’t want to fail him. I never wanted him to feel the rejection that I felt growing up. I wanted to be different, but I just didn’t know how.

I knew I needed to work, I knew I needed a stable home, and I knew that I would not be going out anymore.

After all, that’s all that babies need.

I’m sure you’ve heard that you can’t love anyone until you love yourself, right?

I learned (the hard way) that this also applies to becoming a mom and having a good relationship with your babies.

After a lot of internal work – giving myself permission to take care of me, forgiving my past,  and doing ancestry work – my kids are definitely my best friends.








I want all moms to reach this level of peace and contentment, starting in pregnancy.

Shamanic Yoga for Pregnancy: an in-depth holistic birth preparation at home

Preparing for motherhood is supposed to be a magical time, and I want to help you reclaim this experience for yourself. Even if you don’t think you’re ready to heal, or think that you’re not deserving, or are feeling blocked in your pregnancy experience for some reason but don’t know why, then this is the course for you.

If you’re ready for deep healing that touches your soul, and want to reconnect with who you are, then I want to introduce you to an online practice: Shamanic Yoga for Pregnancy.

Shamanism is an ancient form of healing that channels divine energy (performed by a trained shaman) into the body to heal you physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The shaman taps into your energy, collaborates with your spirit guides, and moves healing light through you to help you experience deep healing.

Yoga is also a spiritual practice which helps you connect deliberate movements with your breath. The goal is to reach a meditative state where you quiet your mind so divine messages can come through. The conscious movements and breath allow you to “check in” with your body to feel what is out of alignment.

Combining these practices creates an ethereal experience that’s just for you and your baby. With the help of a trained yoga instructor and shaman, you have the opportunity to travel to all the parts of you that still need healing, so you can have the best possible birth experience.  You can bring your baby into this world with harmony in your heart and soul, if you are open to it.

This Shamanic Yoga for Pregnancy at-home practice is a recorded series directed by Lilith of Lily Moon Yoga. She is a certified Hatha yoga instructor, certified shamanic practitioner, and a proud mother of a sweet little boy. She’s created a sisterhood of women from around the world who are dedicated to healing their spiritual selves so they can bring in the divine in their relationship with their children.

This course includes guided practices and meditations for each trimester.


First Trimester

  • Asana practice for the first trimester
  • Feel-Good-Meditation
  • Ujjayi Pranayama
  • Nadi Shodhana
  • Ashwini Mudra
  • Belly Breathing
  • Deep Breathing
  • Shamanic Journey to the Gateway and Guardian of the Shamanic Realm
  • Shamanic Journey – Your Pregnancy Power Animal


Second Trimester

  • Asana practice for the second trimester
  • Ice Cube Meditation
  • Shamanic Journey – Your Inner Home
  • Shamanic Journey – Inner Child Healing


Third Trimester

  • Asana practice for the third trimester
  • Patterned Breathing
  • Walking Meditation
  • Shamanic Journey – Meeting your Inner Mother
  • Shamanic Journey – Meeting your Baby

You will also gain access to the Facebook Group, where you can connect with sisters from all over the world who are on the same journey as you.

The Best Is Yet to Come

Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood can be a scary thing to step in to, but I promise you, it’s SO worth it.

Becoming a mommy is one of the most divine moments for women, and you need to be celebrated!

Don’t let the fears of the past and worries of tomorrow hold you back from enjoying this time you have TODAY.

You are beautiful. You are magical. You are a MOM.

I hope you found value in this post.


Lady Alchemy