Want to know why you keep encountering the same type of meany in your life, and how to overcome them? Learn how to be chill AF and keep your vibe high with these tips on forgiveness and gratitude. Stick to the end for a healing chord cutting practice and a visual protection meditation.

Rude, cruel, hateful people you come across in your life — you were meant to know them

It feels impossible to keep your vibe high when you’re surrounded by assholes, right? Nasty people are dreadful and can drain the life out of you.


You know the type.


The kind of malicious MOFO who is:

  • Always waking up on the wrong side of the bed
  • Perpetually pissed off about something
  • Complaining about his life to whoever will listen
  • Probably spitting at puppies somewhere


If this is a coworker, you’re dodging underneath your desk to hide from them.


If it’s a family member, you are constantly forwarding their calls to voicemail.


If it’s your moody friend, or your negative-Nancy neighbor, or the same guy you see at the train stop on your commute to work who already smells of cigarette smoke and rage, wearing the same scowl on his face day after day after day…


As a high-vibe being, you not only know EXACTLY the type I’m talking…err…writing about—you know PRECISELY how their negativity directly affects your energy field.


It’s like as soon as you come close to them, their negativity is already infecting your aura; their smog of distain already polluting your air, making you feel nauseated.


They make you feel tired, worn down, depleted of energy, and just plain icky.


Friends, there’s a reason for this.



“Whaaaat?! I didn’t know there was a test!”

Oh, yes. You are being tested.


You are being divinely guided to understand this person, how it affects your spirit, and how to overcome this negativity. This type of person — be it the same person or people with similar traits — will continue to show up in your life until you pass your test.


Since I was a little girl, I’ve always been a bit of an outsider. My greatest fault to this day is that I don’t understand mean-girl talk.


Seriously, it just goes right over my head.


I can remember distinct times growing up when I tried to hang out with girl groups.


The girl groups would start out small; maybe 3-4 of us. But once the groups started to grow, I noticed a distinct change in our relationships.


Catty, backstabby, gossip-shary behavior ensued, until someone could be bullied out.


Usually, that person was me.


This has happened 4 times in my life.


4. Times.


Recurring life events — like being bullied by mean girls your whole life — there’s a reason you’re facing this challenge over and over again.


If it keeps happening, then there is something deep inside of your subconscious that believes this is as good as it gets for you.


Your subconscious believes that this is the way of your world, because that’s what it has learned from you.



The Hermetic Principle of Polarity

Hermeticism dates back for centuries, giving great importance to the development of science during the time of the Renaissance. Early philosophers believed they could influence or control nature, which led many scientists of the time to look to magical arts like alchemy and astrology to put nature to the test.


These experiments paved the way for later adopters to experience what they call, “a more visionary reality.”


In Hermeticism, there are 7 Principles of Self-Mastery. These are the oldest, most influential systems of thinking to help someone live their most meaningful life possible.

Of the 7 principles, I want to focus your attention to the Hermetic Principle of Polarity.


The Principle of Polarity states: Everything that exists has an equal and exact opposite; Everything is dual; Everything has poles; For anything to exist, there has to be an equal and exact opposite.


The universe is constantly working for you to help you create the life of your dreams. And the universe is always listening to the energy and words that you are putting out.


Even if you’re projecting your worst nightmare.


If you are constantly telling yourself low-vibe lies, like:


  • “Women are always so mean to each other”
  • “Women are always talking badly about me behind my back”
  • “I should just not hang out with groups of women anymore”


…then you are sabotaging yourself.


When I was saying these things to myself and retreating to Lonverville, I didn’t realize I was shutting myself off to making the true friends that I wanted.


Instead of focusing on the kind of amazing women I DID want to have strong relationships with, I focused on the traits I didn’t like about certain women.


Those negative traits (catty, backstabby, gossip-shary) were the only ones I ever encountered.



The universe presented me 4 groups of girls I where I could learn more about the behaviors I do not want to emulate, and focus more on the kinds of uplifting women I do want in my life.


(Good one, Universe!)


When you realize the power of your words and thoughts, it’s INCREDIBLE how quickly your life can change for the better.


So, what does this mean for you and dealing with nasty people, exactly?


Instead of being fearful of running into a downtrodden, miserable person who weighs down your vibe and sucks up your energy, you need to forgive them, and show gratitude for the lesson they are teaching you.


Practice forgiveness and gratitude for this person who came into your life

Think for a moment, about the worst human being you’ve ever met.


I mean the biggest A-word/B-word/C-word/D-word you’ve ever had the displeasure of encountering.


How do they act when they’re around you? Are they:


  • Argumentative?
  • Hard-headed?
  • Mean-spirited?
  • *Bleeping* in every sentence?
  • Complaining about something, always?


Think about how you feel when they are around. How does it make you WANT to act? Are you more:


  • Persuasive or passive?
  • Easy going and adaptable?
  • A joy to be with?
  • Keeping your language clean?
  • Showing gratitude for something, always?


You’re becoming the polar opposite of this person. They are a lesson for you.


Now that you realize this, their purpose no longer serves you and you can let them go.


Chord  cutting and protection meditation

Now that you’re ready to stop giving your power away to the negative people in your life, it’s time to cut them loose.

Step 1. Find a quiet place. I like to go to my sunroom, my porch, or to a favorite tree in a park. Someplace where I can be surrounded by plants and sunlight. Where ever you feel the most peaceful is where you should be.

Step 2. Write down this person’s name in your journal.
If you feel compelled, you can get really specific about what you want to let go of with this person. (ex. I’m letting go of their negativity. I’m letting go of their anger. Their hate is no longer my own. Remember to keep your language positive.)

Step 3. Visualize a chord between the two of you. Get really specific about this. See the energy ebbing and flowing between the two of you. See the color of the chord, the thickness, the length, etc. Watch it for a moment.

Step 4. Visualize cutting the chord. However your chord needs to be cut, DO IT. Visualize using scissors, or a blade, or a machete. Whatever you need to get the job done right!

BONUS. For a little more closure, tear this person’s name out of your journal. Crumble up the paper and burn it. Blow the ashes away.

Once your chord is cut, close your eyes and imagine yourself surrounded by white light. Sit in it for a few minutes. Forgive the person for how they’ve treated you. Thank the person for the lesson you’ve learned from them. Thank the universe for presenting this lesson to you.

Going forward, whenever you deal with this person, remember that you are surrounded by white light and their BS can’t touch you anymore.


I hope you find this article helpful on your journey to your best life.



Lady Alchemy