Can shamanic yoga help you on your transmutation journey—or anything else, for that matter?

Learn how this gentle practice can help reveal and heal your shadows, guide you through the art of transformation, and illuminate for you a life of purpose. Stick to the end for an example of what to expect when you opt in for a guided shamanic yoga practice.

Shamanic yoga is a new health care trend that blends the healing physical works of yoga with the healing spiritual practices of shamanism. When you work with a shamanic yoga guide, you will be able to uncover hidden blockages, physical pains, and karma that you’ve been holding onto, and finally release it.

Before we dive in too far, let’s review what each of these practices are singularly.

shamanic yoga

Shamanism — the not-so-new health care model

Modern alchemy helps you to connect the dots with the level of consciousness you crave to the life that you desire. If you’re a bit addicted to the self-help section at Barnes and Nobles (like me), you’re always looking for a new perspective that will crack your universe wide open, giving you the answers you seek to live your life fully.

In this day and age, true healing is sought on every book shelf, every blog post, and every cookbook. But the latest health trend to hit main media has been around for thousands of years.

When you think of a shaman, what do you imagine?

A new-age witch doctor, perhaps?

A kooky older man with a Gandalf hat and beard, helping people to “connect with it all, man” by sharing with his patients an impressive Grateful Dead collection and copious amounts of LSD?

Shamans are not a new type of healer, although they’ve gained popularity in recent years due to celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow speaking up about their own experiences. These shamans have been doing the good work for centuries, all over the world, connecting all living things to higher consciousness, awareness, and better health.

Shamanism is thought to be the oldest spiritual practice in the world, based on the belief that everything living has a spirit. Thought to have originated in Siberia, shamanism is found all around the world.

A shaman is a healer, a medicine man/woman, who is concerned for the health and well being of the entire community — including plants and animals. They’re able to work with energy, herbs, divination and the spirit world to direct healing toward physical, mental, and spiritual maladies.

This connection to the spirit world allows the shaman to work directly with your guides and ancestors to better understand your body and life obstacles, revealing the shadows you need to heal to experience your full potential.

Imagine the shaman as an architect, who unravels the blueprint of your body to discover the hidden stars in your life. Being able to go deep within yourself and face your shadows will ultimately be the key to showing you how to transform your life. All transformation starts within.

For some (like myself), the ideology isn’t enough to get started on this conscious journey through self-discovery. There has to be a practical application that can be done to demonstrate release of all the bad karma that no longer serves you, and the transformation into a higher and healthier state of being.

There’s got to be!


Yoga — the physical and spiritual practice of freeing yourself from that b****, Karma

Have you ever sat in the aftermath of a cosmic blow, saying to yourself, “Yep. That’s karma.”?

If you have, then you know how crappy it feels to realize that the hurt you’re feeling now has been felt before — and it was all your doing.

Karma is given and received throughout your lifetime. (In fact, you may even have karmic ramifications from your previous lives.)

You experience karma to teach you how to treat other people, and to learn how you want to be treated. Whatever acts you commit to another person, the Universe will swing it back to you one way or another until you learn your lesson.

Your actions can create joy, or cause heartache. It’s up to you to decide what impression you want to leave on the world.

The world moves fast, and you may feel a struggle to keep pace with the demands of the physical world and lose sight of what your body and spirit are lacking. Thankfully, there are meditative practices to help you slow down and do some major introspection.

Classical forms of yoga can be dated back to 300 B.C.E., in India. It was developed by ancient Hindus to help practitioners use a more concrete religious experience to achieve moksa, or release from the cycle of rebirth impelled by the law of karma.

Spending your time in Core Power Yoga won’t give you the same internal heat you need to clear away any bad karma from your spirit (although, it really should be punishment enough)!

Rather, the slow and deliberate movements give you a practical approach to check in with yourself to let go of what no longer serves you. The meditations also help liberate you from past karma – in this life and past lives – so you can reach moksa. Practiced yogis use these meditations and movements to finally balance mind, body, and spirit.

Yoga is based on the philosophy that seeks to integrate your true self (atman) and the Absolute (brahman) through these rigorous psycho-physical practices. You cannot integrate both until you are able to transform the self.

Being buried in the day-to-day of modern life can skew your perception of your true self, if you’re not careful. If you’re always on the move, you’ll never hear the divine messages being sent to you.

You’re meant to transform into the greatest version of you. There are tools, practices, and practitioners available to help.

Shamanic Yoga – here’s how it works for your highest good

Shamanic yoga is simply the coined term that marries the ideological and physical philosophies of yoga and shamanism with the ultimate goal of helping you to achieve self-mastery and interconnectedness with the Universe (just like alchemy!).

Think of where you’re at, in this moment.

How are your relationships?

Are you happy in your career?

Are you at peace with yourself?

Do you feel connected spiritually?

If you said “no” to any of these things, a shamanic yoga practice may do you some good.

When you practice shamanic yoga, you’re allowing yourself to move through all the things that weigh you down in the physical realm so you can uplift yourself and truly feel who you are; who you’ve always been. Here’s how it works:

  1. You’ll work with a skilled shaman guiding you through gentle asana movements and breath work.
  2. For the next 60-90 minutes, your instructor will lead you through guided meditations (where you develop more awareness in your conscious mind) or guided shamanic journeys (where you delve deep into your subconscious to reveal messages you didn’t know were there before).
  3. As you move through the asana in this meditative trance, you come face to face with your ailments, worries, negative blockages, and are guided to slowly and gracefully let them go.
  4. Once you free yourself from the clutches of the despair you subconsciously hold on to, you start to get an overwhelming sensation of warmth, love, and light that fills any empty crevasse.
  5. Coming to the end of your meditative state, you simply send gratitude to the Universe for all it has done for you during this practice.

If you have any questions, or would like help to find a skilled shaman, message me below.

I hope you found value in this post.


Lady Alchemy